Summer Holidays

As you all probably know, it is currently the summer holidays. What you also probably knew is that they are drawing to an end.

As the days grow shorter. and the air turns crisper, it is pretty clear to see that autumn is on it way. Already the trees are browning. I have been taking a few pictures these holidays- please have a look!!

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Do I love the holidays, I mean, who doesn’t? But I feel as if sometimes they are too long; either you have such a hectic holiday that you feel zonked on the first day of school, or you are so bored that you are looking forward to the end!

Well, I took a two-week break to the south of France, which was nice and hot, and when we came back, we had a heatwave. So, all in all, it has been a good holiday, but I have been very busy.

Well, I hope if you had a holiday, that it was fun, and that the last couple of weeks are great too!!

diamondgirllife x



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