My Baking Obsession

Hi world.

So today, I got my hair cut into a bob, and I think it looks quite cute. As I write this, I am at home, eating lemon sherbets, and I was thinking about my baking obsession.

Tbh, I haven’t made that big a variety of things, but what I have made, I have done over and over again. For example, my rocky road. Ok, it’s technically not baking, but it was in my big book of recipes. I have a secret ingredient that I think boosts it. I like to add 1/2 of a tbsp of agave nectar. I just searched up ‘Agave Nectar’ and apparently it is a syrup from an agave plant, usually the blue agave. The agave looks similar to a cactus, but is actually more like aloe vera. Crazy fact right there.

I also like to make chocolate shortbread. Funny story for you:my friend and I were making chocolate short bread and any of you that have made it before know that it looks like sand before you put it in the oven. So my friend and I got confused, and added 4 TBSP OF WATER!!! So once it came out of the oven, it literally looked like a muddy forest floor. It was on that day that my friend and I created messy mud cake.

Thanks for reading

diamondgirllife x


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